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Rendlen & Schupp – May 2019

Bonnie Schupp and Melissa Rendlen traded art and words. Bonnie shared this image, titled “New Years Eve 2018,” with Melissa:


In response, Melissa wrote this poem:

After the Funeral

The veil of rain can not reach
my umbrelled brain,
cocooned heart, wrapped
within the beat of it,
both jailor and protector.

I remember a sunny day with you,
the hill covered in dandelions.
You somersaulted down
over and over,
your laughter all I could hear.
The scent of grass,
the streak of green on your dress,
as you tumbled down,
and down.

Was it years
or days ago?

I hear only rain,
remember the hill,
you laughing.

* * * * *

Melissa shared this poem with Bonnie:

Fishing on Lake Enterprise

Cabins around lakes fill with generations.
Parents become grandparents—children,
parents. Old couples relinquish
ski tows, dot the lake in fishing boats.
Afternoons spent on piers intertwine
families, form multicolored
paper chains circling the shore.

From my dock I watch
my neighbors slow procession
down steep steps, before rattle
of footfall along their pier.
Lew in wrinkled flannel over
paint stained T, cigarette hanging
from mouth, helps Betty, laden
with thermos of martinis, hamper
of sandwiches. They settle
among fishing nets, and poles
then begin the slow crawl and putter
toward rock bed or weeded bay.

Their outings lengthen though days
shorten. We close our cabin,
make rounds of See you next year’s!
Our last stop Betty and Lew. She helps him
into their boat, says they’ll stay
through autumn.

When we return in June their boat
has been sold. Betty said it was too hard
to start the pull cord motor alone.

In response, Bonnie made this image, titled “Memories”:


* Fishing on Lake Enterprise was originally published with the Plath Poetry Project.


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