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Lapointe & Baltesson – May 2018

Dean Baltesson and Kirsten Lapointe traded art and words. Kirsten shared this piece of artwork, titled “Kayak,” with Dean:

In response, Dean wrote this poem:

Over the Days

Over the days
that wouldn’t last
I remember
the difference
between dreaming
and waking,
the difference
between water and land.

The water was
as emerald as
emeralds drawn
into the sea,
the land
just a place
where I remembered
being on the sea.

All day
the ocean lifted
and lowered me,
all night it did
the same
on land
while speaking
to my dreams.

I made my dreams
each day
and dreamed
my days
each night,
day and night
uniting me
with memory.

Over those days
that couldn’t last
I found
that dreams
can make
the past
and present
always now.

* * * * *

Dean shared this poem with Kirsten:

There’s A Storm

Flags above the breakwater
hold the wind aloft
while the pavement hastens
to wet reflections.

The shoreline listens carefully
to a curious dark sunlight
the exasperated ocean
shifting out to sea.

The roofs are blue and the sky is not
streets shut their doors
long rows of lingering windows
gathering fractions of exhaling sky.

Always the carefully casual observer
I pause once to avoid thoughts of you
while the city becomes a gallery
of black and white photographs.

In response, Kirsten made this image, entitled “A quiet comfort after the storm”:

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