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Snoddon & Zubak – May 2017

LuAnn Zubak and Crystal Snoddon traded art and words. LuAnn shared this piece, entitled “Lost,” with Crystal:

In response, Crystal wrote this poem:

Lay Full and Sleeping

Fresh-water shore lips droop,
parched. Lakes drained dry gape, cry
out with hollow throats lined in rubble.
Hear that sigh – memories of lush forest
whistle old dappled joy
squawk in brittle defiance to milky giving, to Earth’s
reckoning – her essence suckled
by incessant infant lust,
by this craven lullaby. Babe now
lays with eyes closed, full, sleeping,
while Mother shrinks in wrinkled returns,
            her tears burn into dust.

* * * * *

Crystal shared this poem with LuAnn:

Garage Diagnosis

epithelial cells grow
in rampant riot of overlapped chromic detailing
Hey, does that look like a mole?
we rust with wearing
tearing through thoughtless years
with the top down
to a bleaching sun

thick wiper lashes direct
not protect from rain
not prevent torrential downfall
no matter how fast, how shy they flick
I think you’re sweet, but I don’t need my oil changed today, thanks

weather makes the journey
merry, go round
the meridian; it’s a crazy stone
you don’t want to wheel on top of
She’s flipped man, she’s bat-shit crazy

stop and go, cruise too slow
seize my calipers
bump along life’s pot-holed roads
on cartilage-free shocks
We could schedule a knee replacement for nine months time.
Just sign here.

how bundles and tangles
of neuronic wiring ensnared by faulty webbing
find themselves cocooned around the carburetor?
There is still no known cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

I want my money back. This newer model
was promised to be
            the deluxe Limited Edition
            with automatic transmission.
What do you mean, ‘that was miles ago’?
I can’t just stop here.
somebody, please –
just give me
a tow…

In response, LuAnn made this untitled poem box:

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