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Roig & Balwit – May 2017

Devon Balwit and Kerfe Roig traded art and words. Kerfe shared this image, entitled “Blessing,” with Devon:

In response, Devon wrote this poem:


(The pastures are clothed with flocks; the valleys also are covered over with corn; they shout for joy, they also sing. Psalm 65:13)

The world madalas blessing.
Hieratic hands split clouds,
doves alight on virgins, angels
comfort crones. All around,

creatures frolic, clapping
bright wings. They flash fins
in the sparkle of Pishon, Gihon,
Chidekel, and Perat, spilling

from Eden, birthing seed heads,
branches and blossoms, bathing babies
that laugh and laugh. The days
wheel bright cornucopia.

We stagger beneath their harvest,
mouths stained with berry and beet.
We dance and the valleys also,
rippling granite and loam.

Winter is far off. Winter is never.
When the cold comes, when death
threatens, we pull up the darkness,
blanketed, busy with begetting.

* * * * *

Devon shared this poem with Kerfe:


the would-be suicide’s incantatory
waving her cape of threat
freeing restless feathers
a cluster of blooms
twitching animal flesh

do not be distracted
and you will see her cross over
harnessing great powers
deflecting knives
to emerge unscathed
from her impossible prison

In response, Kerfe made this image, entitled “magic”:

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