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Purvis & Perkins – Sum.10

Meredith Purvis and Carrie Perkins traded art. Meredith gave Carrie the following prose poem:

Odd fellow

He stared at the row of eggs in the incubator, felt the warm glow of the heat lamp on his face. He memorized the pitted and pocked surface of each egg. Waiting. And the sudden movement. An egg rocking back and forth as a crack grew along its surface. Tiny pink nose and whiskers pocked through, twitching as a mouse pawed its way out of the egg, glistening and wet, to dry under the lamp.

Carrie created this painting in response:

Click to enlarge

* * * *

Carrie shared this collage with Meredith:


And Meredith wrote this poem in response:


Gravel underfoot,
the way curves
catch the arch,
harder than you
think they will.

Sweaty fingers
grip sparklers,
flames, spitting
and swirling,

flicker next
to fireflies,
graze skin,

fall dark,
a trail of smoke,
the faintest echo.

Spinning, spinning,
dance across the lawn,
dizzy with grass and night
filling our nostrils.

There is nothing
other than this moment.
Nothing other
than this fading flame.

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  1. Aunt Kim permalink
    May 24, 2010 4:01 pm

    I loved the poem about sparklers, could actually feel myself sitting there watching!


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