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Lord & Beardsworth – Sum.10

Jim Lord and Courtney Beardsworth traded art. Courtney shared this poem with Jim:

Prague, revisited

this city has given me amnesia,
yet speaking her native tongue comes to me in sleep
& flushes out my insides

the church & I do not see eye to eye,
but I’m understanding
how the two spires are the union of marriage
a man & a woman,
the heart of these heavy bricks

this place has dissolved my memories
like rain washing away chalk,
leaving only a faint pink trace
of what was once there

I embrace her, for we have a history
that goes back farther than our mothers
& I am everywhere,
lodged deep in the saints, embedded in the marble

we are twins, ticking to the astronomical clock
that goes off every hour

Jim responded to the poem by creating this picture:

* * * *

Jim shared this painting with Courtney:

Courtney wrote this poem in response:


there was a pattern
of colors
around the sun
we danced
i twirled my skirt
to the music
a prism of tie-dye

long hair dangled
on freckled shoulders
seeds blew in the wind
travelling to plush green

we laughed
grabbed hands
your eyes reflected clouds
as we twirled more
learning our heads back
to see the deep purple mountain
the last glow of orange

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