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Kimball & DeStefano – Sum.10

Nicole Kimball and Vince DeStefano traded art. Nicole shared this poem with Vince:

Letting Go of Sour Rule

ubiquitous memories haunt me
every waking and unconscious hour
cleaving and carving my mind
raping my heart, sour

leave me alone, unhand me
you dull, vengeless fool
unable to continue this way
suffocating under rule

In response, Vince created this sculpture, “Embrace”:

destefano1 destefano2 Click to enlarge

* * * *

Vince shared a memorial screenshotvideo, entitled “Memorial,” with Nicole. Below is a screenshot from the video:

Nicole wrote this poem in response:

You Used to Be…

one more needle for the road
one more spoon to feed your dope
one more vacuum sucks your mistake

one more twenty to get your way
one more cell to spend your day
one more vein for you to rake

one more hole for flesh injection
one more mile from my perfection
one more bond for you to break

it did not have to be like this
the longest way to eternal bliss
fading fast, my greatest heartache

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