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Keshavarz & Abbott – Sum.10

Hope Keshavarz and Sara Abbott traded work. Hope gave Sara this drawing:


Sara wrote this poem in response:

Making Way

I tried to return,
to go back.
Sun pinked my skin,
clouds parted,
no rain fell.

My garlic breath fogged
my glasses,
checking the lenses.
No change.
The internal GPS misfired,
landmarks in the database
were missing.

I could not turn left
at the park on the corner
100 feet ahead;
there was nothing but pavement.

The palace of trees
.5 miles ahead on the right
had long since been
deforested to make room
for a new breed in a new habitat;
signs were still up in front
apparently the economy
was slowing sales.

Hyders, the friendly
neighborhood corner store
2 blocks ahead
was no longer friendly
nor part of the neighborhood;
it had been evicted
with the other relics,
to make way for progress.

The past was not needed,
not a part of the plan.

* * * *

Sara gave Hope this poem:


in the distance,

Hope created this painting in response:


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