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Porter & Silberg – Nov.13

Charlotte M. Porter and Steven Silberg traded art and words. Steven shared this inkjet and lumen print entitled “Grape Leaves on Grapes” with Charlotte:

grape leaves on grapes_inkjet and lumen print_5-30-13In response, Charlotte wrote this poem:

Autumn Limner

Leaning in as if you plan to stay,
you open me to gaze. I blush, cheeks red
            as wild apple leaves
lining lake shallows with scarlet.
On the dock, you poke willow sticks
            as if to addle dace,
crimson minnows schooling boathouse redoubts
and sodden haw pips, red signs of rain.

you tap air trapped in ice blond with rum.
Adjusting paper crowns, we talk of love,
stand on the veranda,
touch lips, kiss, toast commanding view
            as if our whimsy and finesse
cause leaves to fall, space dace,
open lake for gaze and wayward close
           as if certain rain — autumn passing through.

* * * * *

Charlotte shared this poem with Steven:

Autumn’s Habit

Careless fingers of soft rain
          litter leaves along driveways,
                    crown children late for supper,
          blotch nicely gapped streetlight,
                    mist mortised inland spaces
                              unmoved by distant sirens.
Feeding senses plumb power
          like spider, disclaim smug fall
                    from summer’s leafy fray
          — empire of garnet, glory
                   galore? or zircon prism,
                               last hurrah?

In response, Steven created this Unfixed Lumen print (on Forte PolyWarmtone Art, Ivory Base exposed
for 24 hours from 10/15 to 10/16), entitled “Twenty-four Hours of Autumn Shade” (click image to enlarge):


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  1. Christy Sanford permalink
    November 26, 2013 9:28 pm

    I love the process, the back and forth of inspiration, a type of dialogue. Thanks, Christy

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