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Guillot & Feild – Nov.13

Camille Guillot and Katie Feild traded art and words. Katie shared this piece, an animated GIF entitled “Midnight Popstar,” with Camille (click on image to view):

katiescreenshotIn response, Camille wrote this poem:

Silicon Ode

Insane city, built of breasts and deserts,
why do you spark? Vines angle for information.
Knowing scurries. Soul of a charmed mirror,
your face grants us the world, while your labyrinth
guts hoard our secrets.

* * * * *

Camille shared this poem with Katie:


Ax-edge curved for
Pair of goathorns.

Toenail paring.
Plantain. The fall
of boomerang.

Lemon-wedge. Kohled
eye half-open.
Celadon bowl.

Tongue stuck out. Chin
set and mulish.
Nut (brazilian).

Bright jellyfish.
A madonna’s
cheek some flemish

portrait in a
church contains.
Slow novena’s

last bead. A plain
fat pearl. Then wane.

In response, Katie made this animated GIF entitled “Moon Pop”:


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  1. December 14, 2013 5:52 pm

    I feel bad that I’ve missed part of something important! there are so many deadlines and calls for things, and I haven’t seen this until today (Dec 14). Wow, Katie! Love “animated GIFs” which I never heard of before! Have to find out how to do.

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