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Livingston & Greene – Nov. 10

Clare Greene and Andrew Livingston exchanged art. Andrew shared this short film with Clare, entitled “Activation”:

(click on image to view)

In response, Clare wrote this short story:

Activating Anti-Venom

Marilyn wiped away the steamy fog from the bathroom mirror and looked at her blurry reflection.  She tightly wrapped a towel around her, tucking its corner under her arms.  The door to the bathroom was still closed but somehow, the foggy steam was slowly starting to dissipate.  Where does it go, she wondered, with no way out?  A loud and impatient knock interrupted her thoughts.

“You almost done in there?  I have an 8 a.m. meeting and you’ve been in there for over 15 minutes.”  Her boyfriend of four years, Brian, waited outside the door, resting his hand on the knob, ready to turn it as soon as she gave the OK.  But Marilyn had locked the door this morning and was not ready to open it.  She leaned her svelte frame against the vanity, letting out a sigh.  He knocked again, this time with more insistence.  “Marilyn, I need to get in there.”  His voice was rising.  She turned to look at herself in the mirror once more.  The fog was evaporating and she could now see herself more clearly.  That was all that she needed.  Marilyn moved toward the door and took a deep breath.

“Here you go,” she said in the same instant she unlocked the door and turned the handle.  “It’s all yours.”

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Clare shared this poem with Andrew:

crooked bases

there were days the flowers
stared out the window
as i did,
what should happen
we flew away
and fell.
pulled, stretched, and
baking on the
stove’s ledge
the window.
they wrinkled as i did
from duress;
we hoped to tumble off
the crooked bases of
our stems.
i waited with pollen’s purses
for a gust of air to take our
powder breaths away from us.
for us.
those days we sat idly,
so neatly packed with
irritating allergens –
each with our fuses.
we sucked our air
through old water.
their straw was green
that faded to brownish gray,
mine was the color of nothing.

In response, Andrew made the following short film:

(click on image to view)

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