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Gillespie & Maestas – May 15

Kate Gillespie and Avelino Maestas traded art and words. Avelino shared this image, entitled “A River Once Ran Through It,” with Kate:


In response, Kate wrote this poem:

Hyporheric Hibernaculum

These rocks
Sun blinded
Tears crusted


forsaken first
from earth’s strata
molded anew
in seasonal immersion

each stone
each pebble

warmed by liquid lapping
dainty fishlips nibble
microbial slips
green corsets of algae
tendrils of submerged
flora a platform
where timid
insect feet and feelers
tickled endlessly
or danced above
patterning surfaces
of flow and pooling

 yearly cotillions
kept time unknown
now windfall whimpers
impoverished rain
hardened bushes
grudgingly sparse
blankets of bracken
displaced plants
cower underfoot
indifferent hills

every sundown relief
poor comfort
to those pebbly


  the sky
covers all
in billowing pity
until the diversion

* * * * *

Kate shared this poem with Avelino:

Rahilia, in pieces

the hand of an acrobat
bridged an audio vision
meykhana fingers
running up the scales
flipping over the flesh
cycles in 12
inner waterfall
blood pools on palm
cracked against
porcelain smile
3rd movement
push away into truth
droplets, mottled
safely sweat in the rain
charm quilt
broken by
steady monotonicity
kept smelling
crushed jasmine petals
A monad
offering to
my lips
closed in
opposite expression

In response, Avelino made this image, entitled “Casual Expression”:




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  1. May 20, 2015 10:21 pm

    Lovely images and words!

  2. August 30, 2015 3:55 pm

    dave does not hear back- aveliono has left for taos?

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