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May 2013 – Issue 14

Tall Tales and Empty Hearts washedoutwisdom something bluebird

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 14th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Agatha BeinsWe Are Infinite Twice, Conservation of Energy (poetry)

Darren CormierSentence, It’s Hard to Dance with an Axe on Your Shoulder (fiction)

Joanne EppOverhead, The Lost One (poetry)

Sylvia Fischbach-BradenYou Keep Surprising Me, Five Year Plan (poetry)

Vin Grabill Ghost Riders, Directed Youth (giclee print)

Gregory GunnParallactic Vision II, Nimbus (poetry)

Kirk HalgrenClear Sound, Nimbi (photography)

Lorraine ImwoldFeeding Time, washed out wisdom (prints)

Carol McGrawI Can Soar Above – In My Dreams, Tall Tales and Empty Hearts (paintings)

Erin Ouslander What You Eat (drawing), Something Bluebird (digital illustration)

Rachel PophamChickens & Swine, Weddings #1-4 (poetry)

Carly RichmondIris, The Whimbrel and the Mock Turtle (photography)

Sal Sidner Love Tree Divided (drawing), Iguana in the Icebox (painting)

Carol StephenMother’s Milk, How Water Memorizes (poetry)

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