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Justice & Jordan – May 2012

Christopher Justice and Michelle Jordan traded writing and artwork. Michelle shared this piece, entitled “Evil Plants and Angel Cat,” with Chris:

In response, Chris wrote this untitled poem:

The witch eating snakes
in my backyard last night
walked through me
into a sea
whose depths swallow sunlight.

On the seven-story hill
in mother’s backyard
she appeared again, minutes ago,
in a Halloween dream;

her silhouette could kill
sunlight with a shard,
brewing algorithms too shy
to reveal Chaos through a beam.

* * * * *

Chris shared this poem with Michelle:


We enter the woods at sunrise.

Two birds fight for a worm.
Two hunters kill to learn.

Moss on boulders
Gray on sky,
Slumping shoulders
Wondering why.

Exiting the woods, we approach a clearing at twilight.

 Across the river,
From a decrepit stable,
Gallops a white horse, bleeding.


In response, Michelle made this painting, entitled “The Lesson (Two hunters kill to learn)”:

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  1. Haikukitty permalink
    May 15, 2012 12:02 pm

    Oh my goodness! Chris, your response poem is so amazing, and I can’t believe you were able to create such awesomeness using my crazy/silly sketch as a starting point. It’s fantastic! I love it!

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