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Purvis & Maestas – May 2011

Meredith Purvis and Avelino Maestas traded writing and photography. Avelino shared this photo, “Rundown,” with Meredith:

In response, Meredith wrote this poem:

The Garage

This is a place giving
up on itself, warped
wooden doors and weather-
stained cinderblocks, rotten
shingles and cracked
concrete floors.

But once,
with backs
on cool stone,
we stared up
into the twining
maze of under-
carriage, universe
of engine and belts,
and I passed you tools,
held the flashlight.

You taught me
how to drive here, blunt
fingers tracing
the outline
of odometer,
the curving bell
of gas and brake,
hand on my shoulder
as you explained
ten and two.

Now there are only
echoes of us here,
a wrench lying
in the corner,
a jacket on a peg,
as though you
had only left
for a moment.

* * * *

Meredith shared this poem with Avelino:


You cup the sun,
in your palm,
pull the rays
close, hug the sheen.

Pearl-like petals
reflect, give back
the light and I wonder
if I run my fingers

across your skin,
would it feel
like glass, the mirror-even
surface of a lake.

I lean over your bright
face, hope to feel the shock
of yellow against
my skin. But you find

nothing in me
worth reflecting,
and I sigh as your
face falls

dark. This is
how it goes,
always looking
for myself

in something else,
hoping I’ll find
myself in the


In response, Avelino made this photo, entitled “The Pawn’s Consideration:”

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