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Artist Bios – Feb. 11

Sara Abbott is the product of an overscheduled childhood, thus thrives on chaos. During the first 720 minutes of her day, she plays zookeeper to her child-size clones or teaches college English. The remaining minutes are for her own personal chaos of half-finished poetry collections, short stories, and handmade books. Oh yeah, somehow amid it all she managed to finish her MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts at the University of Baltimore.

Stacy Bates is an artist from Pennsylvania.

Dayna Carpenter is a watercolor aficionado inspired by the rolling hills and vast skyscapes of her home state of Maine.  She is a graduate of the University of Maine, and has had her work displayed in a variety of locales, including the Maine College of Art, The University of Maine, Island Artisans Gallery, and the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockland.

Shane Jesse Christmass is a Perth-born, Melbourne-based writer. In 2006 he was runner-up in The Age Short Story Competition with his entry Remaking the Image of the World which the newspaper’s literary editor, Jason Steger, called a “highly inventive story, chocked with surrealistic allusion, nightmare imagery and psychological menace” … In 2008 Paroxysm Press published an anthology of his short stories called Croak & Grist … He’s also published a number of stories including “Shut Down the Pick Up” (Waste, 2004, Paroxysm Press), “5”, (Shotgun, 2006, Paroxysm Press), “The Arvo & Early Evening of the Axe”, (10 Years that Didn’t Kill Us, 2008, Paroxysm Press), “The Charnel Stink Within”, (Mini Shots, 2008, Vignette Press) and “Cold to the Point Past Death”, (Red Cent Publishing, 2010) … Other fiction work has featured in the journals New Wave Vomit, LIES/ISLE,, Cordite, one-eight vulture, dotdotdash and The Diamond & the Thief, kipple, Haggard & Halloo, as well as sound poetry in the Atlanta journal, As Long As It Takes. He’s just completed his first public reading of his screenplay, Orderly, at the inaugural Lion Pie Laboratory in Sydney. He edits the journal Queen Vic Knives. He’s also a member of the band Mattress Grave. He also firmly believes that the future of the word, the novel, will be in synthetic telepathy.

Katie Heater received her BFA in Print Media from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2009, and is currently pursuing her MFA at UMBC as well, hoping to graduate in 2013. With her background in printmaking, she creates visual stories through precise line work and mark making. Stylistically, she is interested in techniques, processes, and equipment that can be characterized as outdated. She often uses found imagery and materials to create new pieces that reference the original significance of the objects and it’s connotation in today’s world. Most recently, Katie used embroidery and magazine pages from the 1950’s and 1960’s to create a commentary about traditional and modern roles of women.  Katie is currently the Graduate Assistant for commonvision: UMBC Design and Print Center, working closely to manage the undergraduate student staff, managing The Commons Gallery Spaces, and assisting in Art Week and The Commons Arts Program. See more of her work at

Mary Huddleston lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for more than 30 years and recently moved to northern Baltimore County to be closer to her beautiful daughters, son-in-law and adorable grandson. Although she usually paints from nature, she is experimenting with new materials and concepts.

Dave K. is a writer who lives in Baltimore. His work has been published in Welter, Ghoti Hook, Battered Suitcase, the Nautilus Engine, and 5923 Quarterly. He is a regular contributor to Adfreak, the official weblog of Adweek Magazine. He’s currently working on a novel about clowns. Find him on the web at When he’s not writing, DK is a Martian impact crater approximately 56 kilometers in diameter.

Catherine Maire is a graduate student in the University of Baltimore’s creative writing program where she writes fiction, poetry and the occasional essay. She spends her spare time encouraging her grown children to get over their embarrassment and read her blog, Adult Onset Adolescence.

Kelly Scott is a graduate of the University of Baltimore’s MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts. Her work has appeared in Welter, Bartleby, and the Urbanite. She currently lives and teaches writing in Baltimore.

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