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Franklin & Gebelein – Feb. 16

Michael Gebelein and Linda Franklin traded art and words. Linda shared this image, entitled “HER at Ease,” with Michael:


In response, Michael wrote this poem:

We do have things in common

this is what used to cause the skies to fall.
a perfect contribution to the ages,
what led to battlefields, scarred and blackened,
and broken bodies on barroom floors
stained with spilled drinks and endless apologies the next morning.

I saw the sun come up in the mountains
with breath that froze in the air,
knowing she was still asleep at home.

ice crystals cling to the woodchips at the slab pile.
the sound of something crashing up the ridge in the dark
I slipped up the hill and stopped, leaning against a birch
that bended against my weight,
and wondered which one of us is crazy.

it’s only slightly better
shaking beneath the sheets
knowing that out there are
more mountains to climb.

* * * * *

Michael shared this poem with Linda:

Apocalypse tomorrow

the walls and the streets aren’t crumbling around us yet.
but they will, some day soon.
and they will leave us just as we were before but
with softer minds, softer bodies,
an empty space to tell ourselves
what once matters doesn’t matter
any longer.
this illusion has been beautiful, surely.
but it shatters.

In response, Linda made this image, entitled “Illusion of Future for Him”:


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