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Ortiz & Krupke – February 2013

Jonathan Ortiz and Rebecca Krupke exchanged art and words. Rebecca shared this painting, “Hidden Memory,” with Jonathan:


In response, Jonathan wrote this poem:


You see my face without knowing what I hold
The love that lives inside me
Through this door you can find
Generations of people who have loved
When lost, I leave my light on for you to find
In the rain and cold, shelter I provide
From the young to old all have dwelled
Yet as time passes I still stay
While others move away new ones come
Seeking shelter within this home

My door swings freely and welcomes you
As you enter you feel my love
Providing you a place to call your own
Through this door, you can see out
Never telling you not to venture
My walls are strong and keep the weather out
Here, inside, you can have your home

As you grow, you tend to me and keep me new
Your children visit and still they find
All the memories that live within me
My walls speak to them like a dream
My door always opens to them
My light shining at night if they lose their way
Just as you have loved them
Their hearts are within this home

Now old and weak, you’ve become still keeping me strong
My light shining for you to see
Yet the night passes as do you
My light shines and lonely, alone, I am
Yet your children walk in, hand in hand
They mourn and miss your presence
Yet inside my walls hold your love
They stay and live now within this home

* * * *

Jonathan shared this poem with Rebecca:


She came with strength
Never thinking twice
Her journey long and brutal
From the ocean her energy filled
The waves warning the sand
As a doorbell for a guest
The wind cried as she marched
Her entrance grand and wide
The land had no time
She pushed everything she could
Her years crumbled the wood
Yelling for all to hear
Leaving nothing but fear
Never hesitating as she passed
She ripped everything in her path

In response, Rebecca made this oil painting, entitled “Heaven Waits”:


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