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February 2012 – Issue 9


We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 9th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Sara AbbottTime Traveller, Blizzard (poems)

Holly Suzanne (Beckman-Filbert)Untitled, Impressions of Consciousness (paintings)

Dayna CarpenterAsleep in the Car, Sunshine & Flour (paintings)

Marlayna DemondUntitled, Untitled (photography)

Brian FitzgeraldUntitled, Untitled (paintings)

Gregory GunnBetter Off Not Knowing, Grave Consideration (poems)

Eleanor LewisMorning, Waiting (poems)

Steven LeyvaPrologue: Fells, Alms (poems)

Wendilee Heath O’BrienWave to Rock, Forty some inches/A sole leaf like tumbleweed/Laughable at best (paintings)

Jackie RegalesChant For Cooks, Pantheon (poems)

Julieta RivarolaUntitled, Untitled (photography)

Carol A. StephenIn a Moment She’ll Unfurl, Climbing the Pinch (poems)

Artist Bios

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