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Beckemeyer and Wood – Aug. 2014

Earle Wood and Roy Beckemeyer traded music and words. Earle shared this song with Roy:

In response, Roy wrote this poem:

Microsoft Word - Oh Come Share.doc
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Roy shared this poem with Earle:


At the same age he learned to sight-read
music he began watching for his
father to come home. His father’s feet
would ascend the stairs like notes of a scale
on a staff. Ear-trained, he would listen
for the door to slam, hoping to hear
perfect intervals of footsteps, wincing
at sharps, at flats. He took his cues from
his mother as she conducted with
glances, quick nods – as she kept their little
duo always in harmony, no matter
how dissonant the opening chords
of his father’s homecoming cadenza.

In response, Earle wrote this piece, entitled “Hard Truths”:

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  1. August 20, 2014 7:26 pm

    I love the combination here…the father’s footsteps at the beginning of both…both very moody and resonant with memory of youth. Thanks!

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