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Shelton, Tager & Karkar – August 2013

Jordan Shelton, Michael Tager and Dina Karkar shared art and words. Jordan shared this drawing, entitled “Benny the Boxhead,” with Michael:


In response, Michael wrote this poem:


I want memories like
Pots of pyrite
at black rainbows’ end.
Discarded dust-covered toys
gilt in lead
held in metal belly
bends my spine with childhood

Glittering precious
metal in dirty sunlight
satisfies hunger
for nostalgia.
Stuffed bears,
onyx eyes,
recalls Tuesday in April
and blanket forts.

Sticky grape-juice
fingers fumbled treasures,
in dusty boxes.

Nothing burns
like forgotten laughter.

I don’t even know what
I’m missing.

* * * * *

Michael shared this poem with Dina:

Crushed Grass

The grasses were high back then
Up to your chest
Tickling the under part of your chin

Screaming children
Their cries sound like murder
If the death of boredom is a crime

There were hills
So steep, they went to the heavens
And a stream, where only crayfish swam

“Gnomes live under waterfalls”
That’s a lie we consumed whole
Like juice boxes and crumbly cookies

Gazebos and chases through trees
and fields
No losers, just winners in ascending order

The grass isn’t chest high
And the gazebo is decrepit
Filled with broken glass and scum-filled plastic

These days, I only scream in delight
When the mood hits
Which is nearly never

I don’t miss the days of glee
and sweat-filled, frantic flights
… much

I can only look at trampled grass
and dwarfish hills
And smile a bemused sort of grin

In response, Dina created this painting, entitled “The grasses were high back then”:


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