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Nohe & Galligan – August 2013

Tim Nohe and Tim Galligan traded art and words. Tim Nohe shared this piece, “Burning,” with Tim Galligan:

In response, Tim Galligan wrote this poem:


We wait for the water to crest.
It keeps coming: a deep breath
Staggering inward, choked
By regret. We kiss away lament,
Tired tears and tired sweat, slow.
So when the light’s gone, it isn’t

Missed. Just remembered. Higher
Water is what’s left, when we let
the lesser angels go. And what now?

If the tide never receded, we would
Be swallowed by anger.

* * * * *

Tim Galligan shared this poem with Tim Nohe:

Quick Blood

Rises and falls, leaving your back
and legs cold, holding me. Barely
naked before we fell into your feather bed.

Its dead birds. I could not ignore

your thighs always spread at the same obtuse angle
to welcome me, your knees bent, acutely
accurate to my body.

Until daylight, which finds every fracture,
reveals what shadows had hidden. No body
receives another body perfectly.

Even the dead birds,

crushed beneath us, leave room for one another
as they are lost in the mattress tick, filling the space
beneath us better than they did in flight.

In response, Tim Nohe created this movie, entitled “swallowtail”:

swallowtail from Tim Nohe on Vimeo.

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