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Suzanne & Filbert – August 2011

Holly Suzanne and Nathan Filbert traded artwork. Holly shared this painting, “Untitled,” with Nathan:

In response, Nathan wrote this poem:


The lessons you learn:
that there are dark suns
and waterfalls of light
and a rough terrain.
That steps have to be made
not found.
And ash is a result of joy
which provides mysterious radiance.

The gaps in the patches?
You sew your own life,
ground you cross again and again
in layers
shot through with blood and guts
and an incredibly rich soil.

It was snowing once
and I put on a cap
not knowing
what it was
that fell. 

* * * * *

Nathan shared this poem with Holly:

Measuring the Frame

We’ve done what we can,
she is there –
all made up
and nowhere to go.

Stand aside
completed and ready
we turn away
and busy ourselves
with more
no less.

Then a call comes –
they want her –
where is she?
which one?

We move her to the shop
shelves weighted in tapes and measures.
They busy themselves,
friendly enough,
and ask us how
we would like her to appear?

As she is, of course!
But this is not possible –
needs a border
a hem
something distinct
to set her apart –

Section, cut and dress,
plain or decorative,
what are you willing
to lose?

Here a nice view
there an apt aspect
she’ll be in good company
you know
can’t have her spilling all over,
fully exposed.

But what of – ?
And – ?
how will they know her
all bundled up
and without her rough edges?

Focus the impact
Delineate the scope
Decide what you want her to be
Contain the potency like battery or bombshell

After all
she wants to be seen, no?
Something fetching and whole
and proper to the powers?

So we offer her up
to a contest of contexts,
fencing her in
sentencing her verbs;

stringing her up to hang.


In response, Holly made this painting, “Frames”:

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  1. August 15, 2011 8:33 pm

    Beautiful work from both artists. I love the way the line-work floats above the shapes that are like continents in a strange satellite photo in ‘Frames’. I also like the line ‘And ash is a result of joy’ from Nathan’s untitled poem…

  2. August 20, 2011 12:40 am

    Thank you Patrick. Means a lot that someone’s reading/looking. A lot.



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