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Melchior & Sweeney – Aug.10

Theron Melchior and Sweeney traded art. Theron gave Sweeney the following song:

Click here to listen.

In response, Sweeney wrote this poem:

many and few

hands do
and  bleed ,
like frayed
twists of
worlds wear skin
and bone
thick hide-leather
breath and wind,

blood is
not weakness,
and suns
bleed flame,

are a sun
that breathes love.

your hands may be
do not
cease to breathe

* * * * *

Sweeney shared this poem with Theron:


i hope to die like
a Tree,
bleeding beauty

casting all shame
from limbs

-a naked heart-

bursting through skin
reborn in blushing buds,
as many lives
as leaves

a reflective void,
fallen through…

(there is much more
than this body
&nbspin the tiniest infinity)

In response, Theron wrote the following song, entitled “Aloha”:

Click here to listen.

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