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Goodwin & Morrissey – May.14

Juliette Goodwin and Sean Morrissey traded art and words. Juliette shared this painting, entitled “Interplanetary,” with Sean:


In response, Sean wrote this poem:

Hollywood Astronomy

Through sunlight and moonshine
to blue sky gone black
every day is a
double feature–and all
those billion stars
hung low by the weight
    of our dreams?
       and Orion? Leo?
They drift and burn out
all the same; and if
there’s a myth let it be
our story – as in the man
who fixed his terminally
bald body to the lens,
jiggering the dial by degrees
until the whole of his name
was up in lights, eternally
burning through the galaxy
and never mind
their dying, too, or that
spring grew weeks
around his feet
    (after all
       Winter’s only waiting
in the rear view –
thin snow falling on
a dark marquee and inside
the retired ingénue,
who will shed her best hair
as one might their bra
or a pair of socks
in bed–Mink lashes,
rubber cutlets tucked in
her chest, the night’s ageless
working in reverse,
leaning deep, enough to
kiss the glass or else
to read the years
on her face like
star lines charting
the night sky.

* * * * *

Sean shared this poem with Juliette:

The Won’t-Be-Bothereds

Are busy people
waiting in a penguins’ huddle,
who see their train and are not alarmed
by the screaming barista
as he is devoured by the eight fists
of four hungry boys. They are blessed
not to see the orcas swarm their prey,
to be caught in the glare
of a billboard advertising white gold
engagement rings
and open heart charms.

In response, Juliette made this painting of watercolor and gouache entitled “Propeller Mandala”:


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