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Fischbach-Braden & Hayes – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Sylvia Fischbach-Braden and A.J. Hayes traded art and words. Sylvia shared this image, entitled “Big Top,” with A.J.:

BigTop_SylviaFischbach-BradenIn response, A.J. wrote this poem:

Greatest You on Earth

Step right up, past
this, that and there;
beyond the mirrors
reflecting light illuminated
by demi-gods.

Keep moving, through
thick cotton curtains
and over velvet ropes.

It’s there—the Big Top—
a luminescent circle
at the end of the foyer.

Now stand in the center.
Gaze upon the stadium
around you—not an empty
seat in the house.

Do you see them?
A few feet away
is an entire microcosm
waiting for you to be awesome.

So don’t just stand there
looking at your feet—become
The Greatest You On Earth.

* * * * *

A.J. shared this poem with Sylvia:


Winter is the season of the heart:
Of warm hearths sparking life indoors,
Of people nestled in layers of wool and cotton,
Of embraces between lovers lingering
Seconds longer than they do in summer,
When perspiration coats skin like paraffin.

In winter, comfort is found inside–
Away from sharp wind gusts and snowflakes.
Comfort is found inside heated buildings,
Under handmade quilts, in the space two bodies make
When they curl and fold into each other. In winter, comfort
Is found during the time we spend with the ones we love.

In response, Sylvia made this image, entitled “Season of the Heart”:


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