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Contributor Bios – February 2019

Shirley J. Brewer graduated from careers in bartending, palm-reading and speech therapy. She serves as poet-in-residence at Carver Center for the Arts & Technology in Baltimore, MD. Recent poems garnish Barrow Street, Gargoyle, Naugatuck River Review, Poetry East, Slant, Spillway, and other journals. Shirley’s poetry books include A Little Breast Music, 2008, Passager Books, After Words, 2013, Apprentice House, and Bistro in Another Realm, 2017, Main Street Rag.

.chisaraokwu. is an American Nigerian poet, artist & healthcare futurist. Her writings have appeared or are forthcoming in Contemporary Verse 2, The Ekphrastic Review, Obsidian, Cider Press Review, & others. She is conversant in three languages and enjoys reading fantasy & speculative fiction.

Edward Doyle-Gillespie is a long-time Hampden (MD) resident. Holding a degree in History from George Washington University, and an MLA from JHU, he spent roughly ten years in the field of education. His writing has appeared in journals and books in US and other Western nations. He is the author of On the Later Addition of Sancho Panza.

E. N. Duffield is currently a fine arts major in college, focused on drawing, and painting. Her poetry usually centers around the dark side of the unusual, the fantastical, and the highly emotional. She has never been published in anything, which is cool. Most of her public work can be found on her website, Wunderkammer.

Sanzi Kermes documents games of Scrabble she has played, screen prints the pattern left at game’s end, and writes senryu (a haiku not based in nature) using the words played. An ex-cartographer, the screen prints are reminiscent of the Rectangular Survey System devised by the Land Ordinance of 1785. Find more of her work at

katie feild treats each project she meets like a person. She is currently enamored by optigan loops and recently discovered paperclay. She loves love, and works and plays like the rest of you. And she’d prefer to hear all about yourself.

Howard Markman was born and then some stuff happened. He started playing guitar, writing songs, and playing in bands. Then some other stuff happened, but the guitar playing, song writing, and playing in bands continues. And for that he feels pretty damn lucky. Hear more of Howard’s music at and

Heather Moss enjoys manipulating & organizing language and information. She lives on a shady lane in Baltimore City where you can always hear the JFX.

Nicole Ostrowski is a full-time proposal editor and adoptive mom to a two year old comic genius (Lilly). In her spare time, Nicole dabbles in photography, painting, other arts and crafts, reading, writing, watching junk tv, and sleeping.

Simon Perchik‘s poetry has appeared in Partisan Review, The Nation, The New Yorker and elsewhere. See more of his work at

Faith Revell has lived in Valdez, Alaska, a beautiful place with a compelling story, one of upheaval, loss and relocation due to the 1964 earthquake, since 2011. Human geography, natural phenomena and the essence of movement inform her work. Film, storytelling and dance influence the way she paints and draws. Originally from New York State, she holds an MFA in painting from the Maryland Institute, College of Art, and a BA from Binghamton University. She has exhibited widely on the East Coast, Midwest and Alaska, with work found in public and private collections throughout. In Valdez, she maintains a studio and is represented by Georgia Blue Gallery in Anchorage. Currently, she works as the curator of education at the Valdez Museum infusing the program with creative art making and at Prince William Sound College as an adjunct faculty member teaching fine arts from 2012 to 2014. The Light Ekphrastic project and pairing with poet Ed Doyle-Gillespie, prompted her to connect strongly with rich and visceral storytelling and the nature of being human.

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