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February 2018 – Issue 33

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 33rd issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Sandy Coomer – Descending Night, Tracks (art)

Katie Manning – How I Measure Your Body, One Way to Use a Deck of Cards (poetry)

Nicole Ostrowski – Congrats from the Afterlife, Boosh (art)

Kerfe Roig – Hand Rorschach, beesball (art)

Carl Scharwath – Spatio, Prague Soul (art)

Gerry Stewart – From the Afterlife, Precious (poetry)

Christopher Stolle – Rekindle, Bees Ball? Can’t Go (poetry)

Ken Tomaro – A Penny for Your Dreams, All of my Life (poetry)

Contributor Bios

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