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Campbell & Dimond – Baltimore Ekphrasis Project

Dottie Campbell and Tracy Dimond traded art and words. Dottie shared this image, entitled “Dragon Dreams,” with Tracy:DragonDreams_dottiecampbell
In response, Tracy wrote this poem:

Maintain Effervescence

If snakes molt when they are bored,
people change their clothes
when they need new skin.

Dress for every day like
you may perform
excited high kicks.

Pull over the car
to look past weeds
when color enters vision.

Broken clouds are in the forecast.
Not even the sky
can maintain effervescence.

Close the cracks in thought at night.
The vibration of art
locks memory in sensation.

When you ask for better instruction:
Remember all material ignites.

* * * * *

Tracy shared this poem with Dottie:

Lost Time And Gloves

Crowns are expensive.
Take the phrase in any form.
The royal line is in jeopardy
and molars are necessary for chewing.
Try to keep this as a metaphor:
shards of soul leaking from a head.

Try to clear your throat of swelling.
When you say numb to the touch,
do you mean rubber skin?
Casually wash blood from your hair.
Decide it could use a permanent red rinse.
Be thankful for free gloves.
Compare their absorbency to premium paper products.

Ask for some scars you can really see, touch, and feel,
like age in the morning mirror.
How much to prevent scarring?
Everyone has tattoos or a story.
Don’t try to ask when either appeared.
Time is dizzy.

In response, Dottie made this image, entitled “Queen Calafia’s Morning Mirror”:


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