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Jones & Roper – August 2020

Derek Roper and Emory Jones traded art and words. Derek shared this untitled image with Emory:

In response, Emory wrote this poem:

Back in the 1960’s,
Ford had an automobile
Called the Galaxy.
It seemed like a rocket ship
That one could ride into outer space
And shoot through the donut hole
Of a ringed galaxy.
But the ringed galaxy
Was twenty light years
Ah, but we can dream
Can’t we!
* * * * *
Emory shared this poem with Derek based on Andrew Wyeth’s painting of the same name:
Christina’s World

In the painting
‘Christina’s World”
Andrew Wyeth
A black-haired woman,
In skirt and blouse,
Raising herself
Off the ground and
Gazing up a hill
At a gray
Unpainted house,
And outbuildings.

Is she longing
For a past love?
Is she seeking
A lost
In response, Derek made this image, titled “Dunwich”: