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Contributor Bios – August 2018

Chanan Delivuk is a conversation artist who teaches video full time at Anne Arundel Community College. Additionally, Delivuk manages the studios at the fox building featuring 19 artist studios, an art gallery and tool library in Baltimore, Maryland. She has a master of fine arts in intermedia and digital arts from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She also has a master of fine arts in new media from the George Washington University. Delivuk lives in Baltimore with her husband Russ, two dogs chicken wang and molly, and 5 chickens.

known simply as “the girls”.

Teresa Duggan is a Baltimore photographer and artist at large. Found humor, ephemeral scenes and street surprises are #1 these days, but anything’s possible. See more photos in this CityPaper gallery, or Teresa’s Baker Artist Portfolio

Cameron Lovejoy is a poet, bookbinder, & pile of dying bubbles. He grew up in Carolina but hit the road at 17. For over ten years, he tramped the planet, realizing quickly how many stories he had to tell, & wrote furiously. New Orleans adopted him in early 2017, where he now resides, sweaty & content. He’s the founder of Tilted House, a micro-press geared towards publishing small patches of handbound books. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Incandescent, Boned, Scarlet Leaf Review, and Poets reading the News.

Erin Ouslander is an award-winning sellout. She has worked in graphic design and advertising for commercial and non-profit organizations for the past 10 years, and generally refuses to create art outside of normal business hours. Erin has lived in and around Baltimore her entire life because it is the Greatest City in America. See more of her artwork here.

Thomas Piekarski is a former editor of the California State Poetry Quarterly. His poetry and interviews have appeared in literary journals internationally, including Nimrod, Florida English Journal, Cream City Review, Mandala Journal, Poetry Salzburg, Poetry Quarterly, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, and Boston Poetry Magazine. He has published a travel book, Best Choices In Northern California, and Time Lines, a book of poems.

Lito Silva was born in Lisbon in 1979. He moved to Cape Verde with his parents when he was six months old and lived there until he was 21. Then he moved to London where he lives and works. During his time in Cape Verde he had a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of these beautiful islands where he grew up, which inspires his amazing work as an artist. Lito Silva identifies himself as self-taught artist who expresses himself through his art in oil paintings with warm and strong colours resembling his upbringing in Africa. You can find more of his work on

Maria Straw-Çinar is a poet, writer, and teacher. Her debut novel Girl was short-listed for the Cinnamon Press Novella award and is available to purchase online. In 2016 she published a poetry collection, Flamenco, with Lulu Press, and her play, Vinegar Alley, was long-listed for the Papatango Writing Prize. She has been inspired by the work of artist Lito Silva to create her ekphrastic poetry collection, Afeto. You can find more of her work on Poetry and other Pleasures.

Patricia Wentzel lives in Sacramento, CA where she has been lucky to learn from a generous and inspiring writing community. She loves her sweetheart of twenty-five years, seedless watermelon, and those photo booths at the mall and in movie theaters. She has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dime Show Review, Rat’s Ass Review, The Voices Project, Poetry Now, and New Works: A Women’s Wisdom Anthology among others.