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Riddleton & Carpenter – August 2017

Dayna Carpenter and H.E. Riddleton traded art and words. Dayna shared this untitled image with H.E.:

In response, H.E. wrote this poem:

* * * * *

H.E. shared this poem with Dayna:

The Making of an Altar

The winged sucklers scavenge
The concrete, the engineered
Woodland, elite, they are,

As Karma patients,

Remedial and guessing,
Hoarding the gases of
Small lives. Spreading,

Spreading the wedding plans
For the Lady of the Hive- such delight
As they salvage the patent

Of their schemes, stretching their
Basket wings toward the sing-
Song of the next suitor.

They are the spring
Of the garland arch. The bride
Hovers her prepared heaven.

In response, Dayna made this painting, entitled “For the Lady of the Hive”:

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