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Hidalgo & Inman & Maestas — August 2016

Tomás Sánchez Hidalgo, Clinton Inman, and Avelino Maestas traded art and words. Clinton shared this untitled painting with Tomás:


In response, Tomás wrote this poem:


After many months of administrative silence
(has Algeciras invaded Spain?)
that could well have been
tens, hundreds,
perhaps thousands
(too much love,
to have suffered so little),
the Ager Publicus CEOs,
rely even in the future,
at least once:
all of them have installed today
aerosols on the beach:
welcome to the new and alternative concept
of health tourism in Spain:
let there be light in these seas.

* * * * *

Tomás shared this poem with Avelino:

A country is built slowly,

towards rain:
Spain: a dark cloth;
Big Brother, in prime time:
artists continue to fall in the snow:
Spain: a dark cloth;
our kings came to Omotesando
dressed in neoprene:
blue sky, and references to Sartre,
in front of a phalluses shop:
Spain: a dark cloth;
a bull is poorly ironed, at 5 in the afternoon.
and another, and another, and another, and another, and:
Spain, a dark cloth;
a great national pact
to finally buy microscopes?,
sunlight´s volume skyrockets,
and then I say your name: Photomontage:
brainstorming, actually
(Guernica horse upside down):
Spain, a dark cloth,
although the Virgin is white.

In response, Avelino made this photograph, entitled “The White Virgin”:


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