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Fischbach-Braden & Elkin — August 2016

J.C. Elkin and Sylvia Fischbach-Braden traded art and words. Sylvia shared this image, entitled “Birds on Birds,” with J.C.:



In response, J.C. wrote this poem:

Birds on Birds

I’d rather have birds than planes . . . Charles Lindbergh

Bevies of bluebirds, becards and buntings
   baby birds, bobolinks, bobwhites and brants
Ibises, indigoes –irate, imposing -indubitably
Dissimulations of birds –downy, dreaming
So many S birds soaring and swooping –
   sheerwaters, siskins, skuas and stilts,
   shrikes, sparrows, swifts, storks and sandpipers
   sapsuckers, seedeaters, whistling swans

Orange-beaked, ovenbirds, orioles, owls
Nuthatches, nighthawks, shrub-nesting noddies

Bashful birds, big bad black birds
Ravens and robins, rooks and redpolls
Diving birds, dancing birds, dickcissels, doves
Songbirds, scary birds,
   Sexy, smart, showy birds, like
   so many people I know.

* * * * *

J.C. shared this poem with Sylvia:

Winter White

He’s called Old Man Winter, like some geezer
with shrill words for each teen in saggy pants
and sweet ginger chews for each kid

He eats Chinese takeout by the TV
watching Karate Kid, Hawaii Five O
clutching a cardigan to his slight frame

A cardigan white as old snow
or his bride’s wedding dress
yellowing in the attic

White, the color of fulfillment
the color of mourning
where he was born

In response, Sylvia made this image entitled “Take-Out”:

light ekphrastic take out