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Jeffers & Surakanti – Aug. 15

Prasanna Surakanti  and Janet Little Jeffers traded art and words. Janet shared this image, entitled “Swoop,” with Prasanna:


In response, Prasanna wrote this poem:

Where Life is

smeared, smudged, broken

dented, chipped, cracked

Restored defigured

used worn torn darned


* * * * *

Prasanna shared this poem with Janet:

Unfledged starling

A baby bird chip chips
for food
bobbing its head into
the air in different positions
Its like many baby birds
asking for food

Looking at the new bird
in the metal enclosure
of parking lot roof
with a little opening

I wonder if a bird mom
ever lays eggs in a place
where the eggs fit but the
born bird might not be
able to come out

Whenever I went that way
I saw the bird gape out
or heard it

Today I went from the other side
of the pole to see that bird
neck up, stuck
between a horizontal beam
and the falling edge of the shed.
If it found it difficult to pull
it head back how did it
jut in there?

I was going to mark the day
I stop hearing the bird as
its first flight day

In response, Janet made this photograph, entitled “Sky, Beckoning”:


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  1. prasanna permalink
    September 18, 2015 8:09 pm

    My daughter thinks that the sky Beckoning looks like a peacock.

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