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August 2013 – Issue 15

August 11, 2013

B96A0116theseus(2)Daydreaming 1

We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 15th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:

Chris Combs Picked Bones & Former Glory; Antarctic (poetry)

Tim GalliganRecovery; Quick Blood (poetry)

Christine Green – Initiation; Full Moon in Libra (poetry)

Nels HansonHeart’s Roses; The Ship of Theseus (poetry)

Kat JohnsonUntitled (painting); Theseus (illustration)

Dina KarkarThe grasses were high back then (painting)

Andy Mauerydesperate, disparate; sketch of love: Polaris+jealousy=Coriolis effect (sculpture)

Carol McGrawDaydreaming (painting); What, Me Worry? (assemblage)

Tim NoheBurning (musical composition); swallowtail (short film)

Lynne Parks Untitled, Untitled (photography)

Meredith Purvis – Flash and Bang; Superstition Sequence (poetry)

Jordan SheltonBenny the Boxhead (digital illustration)

Michael B. Tager – 4/5/83; Crushed Grass (poetry)

Artist Bios
4MaueryLE_desperatedisparate_detail_2012 copy swallowtaildina

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